A Legendary Voice Signs Off

December 28, 2011

This weekend saw the passing of yet another radio icon. For those of you who may not be from New York, or are not regular listeners of WABC, the name Lynn Samuels might not ring a bell. However, for those of us who were avid talk radio listeners during 77 WABC’s golden age she was a radio personality whose presence commanded attention and respect. Although a passionate liberal throughout her entire career, like the late Ron Smith she was concerned about the degradation of our nation’s immigration laws, as her New York Times obituary makes clear. 

On Sirius XM Satellite Left, a subscriber-based channel for a left-of-center audience, where she began working eight years ago, she inveighed against illegal immigrants and turned viciously critical of President Obama. After decades of living in the Village, she moved to Queens.

Brian Maloney has a great write-up of some of Lynn’s more indelible moments over at The Radio Equalizer, which I highly recommend reading. Here’s a clip that demonstrates the wry, politically incorrect wit that endeared her to so many people in the New York/Tri-State Area. 

 Like Brian, we too will miss Lynn’s voice and her spirit. Rest in peace, Ms. Samuels. 






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