The LA Times Takes on Immigration in Arizona

February 25, 2012

It would be too much to expect the LA Limes to accurately report  on the overwhelming support immigration enforcement enjoys in Arizona.  But buried deep in the story, there it is:

Merrill (political pollster and ASU professor emeritus) said that polling he’s done shows that illegal immigration remains a huge issue and that most people, including Latinos, generally feel strongly about securing the border

of course, this sensible notion still had to be disparaged later on:

“I don’t want open borders. We have to protect our country,” said (Lydia) Guzman, of Respect/Respeto (an illegal immigrant advocacy group). “But this has become not just an anti-immigrant thing. It’s become anti-Latino.”

There it is, that final dig, the false spectre of anti-Hispanic bias being at the root of immigration enforcement.

American Rattlesnake looks forward to the day when the liberal mainstream press will report immigration issues accurately; that tough immigration enforcement is driven not by racism, but by patriotism.  Until then, the Rattlesnake will keep sounding the alarm and speaking the truth.

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One Response to The LA Times Takes on Immigration in Arizona

  1. Dave Francis on February 25, 2012 at 4:38 PM


    The term illegal immigration is so controversial now, that infiltrates every person’s life, especially when it comes to taxes and this painful economy. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to pay my taxes, even though there is always the chance of getting audited? When I mail my return every April, I get so angry at the situation that I must support with my taxes, people who steal into this country, which is less for my family. Because of these unfunded mandates that taxpayers are forced to pay which the courts have determined to be applicable. I read in my daily observance of critical news reports in the Google) online, the suppressed media articles that the Leftist Press prefers you do not read. One news brief caught my eye about the U.S. Border Patrol, wandering the lengthy corridors of hospitals including the University of Arizona Medical Center (UMC).

    All Americans must insure that every voter is checked against their official picture ID. Non citizens have been voting and will again, with the Democratic-Liberal aid such as ACORN, including illegal aliens. Those who believe in the principles of the U.S. Constitution and Conservative must be vigilant of absentee ballot fraud and voter registrations. With the hefty consequences of illegal aliens voting in all elections, such as Arizona, it is imperative that elections have oversight and every person voting either through absentee ballots or voting precincts be on their guard.

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