Weprin Gets Desperate

September 12, 2011


A last minute storefront office for David Weprin, Democratic nominee for the 9th NY Congressional district, has popped up in Forest Hills.  The storefront, in a vacated beauty parlour, is a hundred feet from Queens Democratic headquarters and around the corner from former Repesentative Anthony Weiner’s old apartment.  It is organized by SEIU local 1199, which is shuttling in out-of-district canvassers to drum up the vote for Weprin’s faltering campaign.  Mr. Weprin also does not live in the district he hopes to represent.  Local voters have been inundated by robo-calls as an increasingly desperate Weprin campaign is at the brink of losing the previously solidly Democratic district.

American Rattlesnake has endorsed Weprin’s opponent,  Bob Turner, for the vacant seat.

UPDATE: Weprin allies are now hiring temp workers in Utah and Oregon to call voters in New York.  Registered Democratic voters in New York are receiving an avalanche of calls from bored temporary workers paid to shill for the candidate, who is unable to get support from voters in the district he wishes to represent.

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One Response to Weprin Gets Desperate

  1. Anthony on September 12, 2011 at 8:43 PM

    Regardless of the election’s outcome, the money and other resources Democrats have had to sink into the district already make it a half-loss for them.

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