Who’s Ready For Hypocrisy?

June 16, 2015



This is by far my favorite sign of the 2016 presidential race. It was held aloft by the intrepid truth-teller Gabriel Hernandez, who-along with our friends at NY ICE-crashed Hillary Clinton’s vacuous photo op at Roosevelt Island. Due to the draconian restrictions imposed by Madame Hillary’s security team, he wasn’t allowed to carry it into the actual event. That said, I think his message was received. NY ICE has coverage under on its Recent Items page. 


 Kudos to everyone who decided to bring a much-needed dose of reality to a woman who’s the modern-day answer to Richard Nixon, without any of his charm or charisma. 

June 2015, New York, NY.   NY ICE went to counter Clinton’s launch campaign in Roosevelt Island because of her support for those illegally in our Country and efforts to undermine our Sovereignty.
Please note how a “DREAMER” was allowed to make a speech at her launch party.
Below is a synopsis of the event from Gabriel, in his own words:
When NY ICE finally met on the Island, we decided to walk towards the event. Now, keep this in mind that when we arrived, we thought that we weren’t going to get very close to Hillary. We thought that we were going to end up waiting outside the park. However, on our way to the park, we saw a group of people giving away tickets. At first, I thought we had to pay for the tickets. But, fortunately, they were giving the tickets away for free. (N.B.: So much for it being “booked to capacity” as Hillary’s campaign had lied).  Thus, it was NY ICE that was the ONLY counter demonstrators who were in the middle of the action. 
When we arrived at the venue, it started off boring. A few boring speakers, a few boring bands performing songs that were irrelevant to the main theme of the event. There even was a DREAMER making a speech. This DREAMER was a woman from Houston, Texas. She was talking about how the “immigrants” deserve to have the same rights like everyone. Of course she’s referring to ILLEGAL ALIENS!  She even did the speech in SPANISH for crying out loud! So, out of disgust, Jim, Dave, and I turned our backs!  It was I who initiated the action by turning my back first!
So after more boring talk and 1 hour later, Hillary finally comes out. Like every other politician, she talks about the same old garbage. Plus, she was reading out of teleprompter which makes her another actor. She was talking about how she wants a nation with “no ceilings.” Please read between the lines on that statement. When she said no ceilings, she meant a nation without borders and a free for all! As she was making her typical lying speech, I had the audacity to make comments. Comments such as:  ”You’re lying” or “Do you mean illegal aliens?” or “same old lying promises.” As I was making these comments, Hillary’s supporters gave me dirty looks. Others were screaming over me when I was about to make the comment, trying so that way I wouldn’t be able to make my point. These are the “tolerant Liberals” that the media talks about. Oh well!
Half way through the speech, we decided to leave the park.  Fortunately for us, we weren’t alone. There were anti-Clinton supporters demonstrating outside of the park. 
We decided to stay for a while, talking to the other anti-demonstrators. After another hour, the supporters were leaving in numbers. As the Hillary Clinton supporters were leaving, we were met with a very hostile crowd. They cursed at us, they said words such as “go home!” or “Go to hell”, the typical stuff. As a matter of fact, as I was recording, one of the Clinton supporters got physical with me. She even wanted to take my camera away. She got mad at me because I was recording her. But, I was standing my ground.  I said to her that we are in a public space and that I have free speech. (N.B.:  Video #3 demonstrates this).
In conclusion it was very good counter demonstration!  I look forward for the future events with NY ICE!

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  1. PeaceMarauder on June 16, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    nICE ;)

  2. G. Perry on June 16, 2015 at 12:28 PM

    Yeah, I regret not being able to make this. Hopefully, NY ICE will be putting together some events in the future as the race gears up.

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