The Mask Slips

August 19, 2015

It seems like our Mexican friends would benefit from consulting their marionettes in the American press, who are laboring under the misimpression that our sub-culture of illegal immigrants-60 percent of whom come from our neighbor to the south-is much smaller than we’ve been led to believe. At least, according to Arturo Sarukhan, a man whose life and career embody the deracinated, pan-national elite whose views have shaped our government’s current immigration policy. Serving former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, currently working at a Washington D.C. think of orthodox foreign policy views, and holding a sinecure as a fellow at the Brookings Institution-which regularly extols the benefits of multiculturalism, contrary to all evidence-Sarukhan’s distaste for ¬†immigration controls and enforcement that are in this country’s self-interest should not come as a surprise.

However, his gaffe-which, as Michael Kinsley has observed, is when a politician tells the truth-is illuminating, because it demonstrates how laughable the meager 10-11 million figure employed by the pro-amnesty forces in their political campaign is, at least to those of us with normal cognitive capabilities. While our government, by design, makes it difficult to tally the total number of illegal aliens who currently reside in this country, it’s not that hard to extrapolate from figures compiled by federal agencies, particularly the U.S. Census Bureau. Bear Stearns Asset Management and the U.S. Border Patrol estimated that the number of undocumented in this country ranged from 15-20 million approximately a decade ago, which is a number that is unlikely to have decreased under the Bush and Obama presidencies.

What we intend to do with these 15-20-30 million is, as Pat Buchanan has observed, the issue of the age. Dismissing the concerns of people concerned about that issue-whether they are voiced by Donald Trump, Scott Walker, or Rick Santorum-doesn’t seem like the wisest course of action. Unless you’re not a very big fan of Americans, which seems to be odd but increasingly common opinion in the halls of power.


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