In Unity There Is Strength

September 14, 2011

That is the motto of the city of Brooklyn, and it can be applied to the results of yesterday’s special election. The people of the 9th Congressional District united around a positive, hopeful candidate espousing conservative values, and that candidate emerged victorious after a bitterly fought political campaign

American Rattlesnake would like to extend its most heartfelt congratulations to the new Congressman-elect from the 9th District, Bob Turner! After decades of rule by preening, career politicians like Chuck Schumer and Anthony Weiner, voters in Brooklyn and Queens decided to take a chance on a man who has spent most of his adult life immersed in the private sector. As he heads down to Washington D.C., we wish him the best in his battle to impart some common sense to an often irrational legislative process. Kudos to the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, which did yeoman’s work in helping to turn out the vote in Kings County. A drive that resulted in a crushing defeat for  David Weprin in my home borough. Along with my former assemblyman, Democrat Dov Hikind, as well as the good people of Queens, these political activists were responsible for sending an unmistakable message to the current administration.

I’d also like to extend my congratulations to the president of the Brooklyn YRs, Glenn Nocera, and his sister Donna Nocera, who both emerged victorious in races for County Committee slots. Along with Republican District Leader for the 49th Assembly District, Lucretia Regina-Potter, they’ll hopefully make some much-needed changes to the stultified political dynamic in their part of Brooklyn.

Yesterday New Yorkers proved once again that you can take on the system, and that if you’re dedicated enough you can even change it every once in a while. Let’s hope that the political revolution that has swept over neighborhoods from Howard Beach to Gerritsen Beach will envelop the rest of the country very soon.

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