Gunwalker Creep

September 18, 2011


The carnage  emanating from the Obama administration’s gunwalking adventures continues to mount, as reported by CBS News. And the havoc created by the BATF’s inexplicable attempt to arm murderous crime syndicates isn’t restricted to Mexico, as we’ve known for some time. In a new development, we’ve learned that in addition to enriching the Mexican coffin-making industry, the ATF has now been accused of aiding and abetting crime within our country. David Codrea, the leading investigative reporter thus far in exposing the administration’s subterfuge on these matters, has all of the details in his latest post for The Gun Rights Examiner.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the dogged investigation into the ATF’s disastrous gunwalking campaign-and the administration’s obstruction of  subsequent congressional inquiries-has led leftist attack dogs and administration flacks to shoot the messenger. Most likely with guns provided by the BATF. In all seriousness, the latest revelations about this administration’s disastrously ill-conceived gunwalking program only lends credence to the accusations that it is covering up something much bigger, which might inculpate top White House officials. The buck obviously didn’t stop with ATF bureaucrats. Hopefully the much-maligned Darrell Issa-and his colleagues in the House and Senate-will find out who’s ultimately responsible for these lethally idiotic decisions.

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