Bob Turner For Congress

September 12, 2011

Tomorrow, September 13th, New York will hold a special election to elect a replacement for Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former Congressman.

American Rattlesnake urges you to vote for Bob Turner, the Republican candidate.  While immigration has not been a key issue in this race, Mr. Turner has vocalized his opposition to both the DREAM Act and broader amnesty legislation during an interview with Brian Lehrer of WNYC. He has also spoken out vigorously against the Ground Zero Mosque.  He will caucus with the Republicans, who have generally been on the right side of the issue when it comes to illegal immigration.

His opponent, David Weprin, doesn’t even live in the district he wants to represent.  He was picked by the local Democratic Party boss, Joe Crowley, in a cynical attempt to cater to the Jewish vote.  David Weprin is a party hack who can be depended upon to toe the line whenever his liberal masters order him to.  Any Democrat dismayed by the ineffectual and corrupt leadership of their party can send no stronger message than to vote against a toady like Weprin.

Bob Turner is a successful television executive, born and raised in the 9th district, with a practical sense of right and wrong.

Please send a message to Congress and the Democratic Party that business as usual is not acceptable.  Vote for Bob Turner.

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