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August 4, 2011
I just thought I’d get you caught up on some news you might have missed in the past week, starting with our neighbor to the south. 
-An editorial in Investor’s Business Daily highlights the disturbing possibility that Los Zetas are attempting to disrupt the upcoming Mexican presidential election. 
-In a related story, the L.A. Times reports that 9 Mexican poll workers are missing from Michoacan state, the meth heartland of that nation.
-In a story we’ve covered extensively here, a new congressional report asserts that over a hundred weapons from Operation Fast and Furious have been linked to crimes.
-A new study by the Public Policy Institute of California finds that over half a million illegal aliens reside in the San Francico Bay area alone. You can download the full report here
-The Sacramento Bee has the type of man bite dogs story that the lazy mainstream media loves to report. In this case, it’s a report that a robust Mexican economy has increased the number of Mexican nationals living here illegally who are returning to their country. Approximately 300,000 illegal aliens have left the state of California since 2008, the vast majority coming from Mexico, obviously. Left unasked is the question of whether these repatriated Mexicans will send checks from their newly found employment to relatives who remain mired in the depressed American economy.
-Our good friends at Stand with Arizona have an amazing story revealing the details of a report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that reveals what most of us already knew to be true. Namely, that the giant agri-businesses lamenting the new Georgia law curtailing their ability to break the law have in fact been discriminating against American workers in favor of foreign-born guest workers for quite some time. 
-Another story by the Los Angeles Times highlights New Mexico’s embattled Attorney General Diana Duran, who is fighting to maintain the integrity of elections in her state. Apparently, that diligence is angering a lot of disgruntled politicians, many of whom also support New Mexico’s policy of issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.
-The Department of Justice, to the surprise of no one, has sued the state of Alabama to suppress HB 56. Perhaps the most amusing aspect of the DOJ press release is its description of this lawsuit: Lawsuit Cites Conflict with Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws. Are those the laws that this administration steadfastly refuses to enforce? One wonders. 
-Finally, the international hacking network called LulzSec has leaked a raft of documents that paint a chilling picture of Hezbollah’s infiltration into Mexico and other Latin American nations. Read the disturbing details on Public Intelligence
Hat Tip: Bcsco of Free Republic

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