High Crimes and Misdemeanors? (Gunwalking News Roundup)

July 15, 2011

Contrary to appearances, the picture above is not a photograph of the President consoling a child whose parents were killed as a result of the Gunwalker imbrogolio. It’s actually President Obama hugging one of President Felipe Calderon’s kids; whether future cross-border visits will be as amicable remains to be seen. As political fallout from the ATF’s failed gun-smuggling schemes increase with each hour that elapses, it’s probably a wise idea to do a brief roundup of news about the policy that has led to to the deaths of both American and Mexican citizens, as well as a revival in the fortunes of the Mexican coffin industry, per Mark Steyn.

A brief overview of what we now know about Operation Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious is provided by the Canada Free Press, which-as the title of this post indicates-believes that President Obama has committed potentially impeachable offenses, depending upon how intimately involved he was in the decisions that led to the deaths of Agent Brian Terry, among many others. Respected journlist Brit Hume seems to agree with that assessment.

Regardless of the President’s foreknowledge of the incipient scandal, we already know that his handpicked choice for Attorney General has his fingerprints all over the high-powered guns that were walked into the hands of Mexican narco-traffickers. That’s why intrepid Congressman Allen West has called for Eric Holder’s resignation. Congressman West isn’t the only member of the House Republican Caucus demanding answers from this administration, as it turns out. In fact, Representative Gus Bilirakis released a letter this week addressed to Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson and Attorney General Eric Holder asking them to address questions about the latest gunwalking scandal to engulf the White House, Operation Castaway. This program, which in scope is even larger than Operation Gunrunner, has led to the recovery of weapons in Honduras that might have very well been used by MS-13, one of the deadliest narco-gangs on the planet. Puerto Rico and Colombia have also felt the sting of this ill-conceived DOJ and ATF initiative to allegedly obstruct gun-trafficking to violent drug gangs.

The question of motive, therefore, has yet to be properly answered. Why did the Department of Justice and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms decide to let Mexican-and now Central American, and possibly South American-gangs obtain high-powered weapons that can be used to extort, intimidate, maim, and ultimately murder innocent civilians? Citizens 4 Freedom has its theories, many of which revolve around the Obama adminstration’s seemingly implacable crusade to erode and diminish the Second Amendment. This notion is bolstered by the manufactured statistics that were used by both the Obama administration and the Mexican government to inveigh against lawful American gun-owners and gunshop operators. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who routinely obfuscate and distort the facts in order to promote an ideological agenda, as this report from Pajamas Media illustrates. For an antidote to media mendacity, I highly recommend you read some of the archived articles about Operation Fast and Furious from Pajamas Media, an indispensable resource to understanding what has become the most pervasive scandal to envelop a presidency since Iran-Contra.


Finally, I’ll leave with a very detailed post by Sundries Shack which explains the distinction between Operation Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious, an explanation that is sorely needed in an often-bewildering scandal that even many members of the mass media can’t seem to get a firm grip on.




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