America The Beautiful (Part II)

July 31, 2011

Update: Watch video footage of the event taken by my friend, P.H. You can also find more photos she took here. 

Update II: Read the entire story on The Silent Majority No More.

Despite protestations to the contrary, which included repeated references to the “diverse” array of illegal aliens demanding that the government explicitly sanction their presence in this country, most of the protesters bore an eerie similarity to the individual seen above. Or to the people in the photographs below:

And strangely enough, almost all of the signs that weren’t in English were in Spanish. Gee, I wonder why that is? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for that bifurcation. I wonder what it could be. Hmm…

Which isn’t to say that every participant in the “Jericho Walk” was of Latin American heritage. There were, of course, those friendly Korean gentlemen from the Minkwon Center who repeatedly threatened me with physical violence. So I suppose it really was a genuinely multicultural festival celebrating the debasement of American law.

But chimerical diversity wasn’t the primary theme of the protest; the main objective of the protest organizers seemed to be to play upon the sympathies of spectators by emphasizing how immigration enforcement leads to “broken families.” Never let it be said that these opportunists miss a chance to exploit  children for their own political aggrandizement.

In fact, one of the people invited to speak at this event was a 12 year-old girl who was-of course-portrayed as a helpless victim of America’s draconian immigration policies.

Left unspoken was the feelings of anguish and irreparable loss felt by American families where a parent has been killed by an illegal alien, such as in the case of murdered actress and independent filmmaker Adrienne Shelly.

Those strips of cloth that resemble sheets of shredded toilet paper were on top of poles held aloft by the marchers as they paraded around the Javits Building. Inscribed upon each was the name of an illegal alien who had been deported from the United States, which is evidently a fate worse than death. At least, according to the individuals who organized this demonstration.

There were, inevitably, politicians who fully agreed with this point of view, including the congresswoman from Flatbush, Yvette D. Clarke. The daughter of Jamaican immigrants-one of whom was just as ineffective a politician as she-perhaps it’s not surprising that Ms. Clarke would endorse wholesale amnesty. Still, the press release issued by her office in support of this demonstration reveals the vapidity of the arguments behind the movement to erase our national boundaries.

Shockingly enough, large public sector labor unions were also in attendance:

Fortunately, there were good Americans there to counter the mawkish sentimentality, false analogies, and general bunkum put forward by the other side. The leader of the counter-demonstration was Joanna Marzullo, president of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, seen below:

She brought along her supporters, including many with messages of solidarity for the good people of Arizona…

And New Yorkers critical of Governor Cuomo’s decision to unilaterally suspend New York’s participation in the extremely successful Secure Communities initiative.

My personal favorite:

One of the ironic aspects of this farcical protest was the abundance of officers from Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security. Even as the speakers, many of them undocumented themselves, denounced the ruthless immigration raids undertaken by federal law enforcement, dozens of ICE agents and DHS officers ambled around the premises, not interrogating any of the irate, out of status participants in the day’s festivities.

Arizona: Enforcing the laws that the feds forgot about:

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4 Responses to America The Beautiful (Part II)

  1. Norman on July 31, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    Nice coverage.Good job NYICE
    I do not think I would follow a lemming.

  2. Ricardo on August 4, 2011 at 6:09 AM

    Nice coverage; glad to see ICE remains committed. Please remember that citizens can join in the Liberty Legal Foundation lawsuit against illegal aliens:

  3. G. Perry on August 4, 2011 at 3:36 PM

    Thanks for the link, Ricardo! I’ll be highlighting that in future posts.

  4. G. Perry on August 5, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    Part two of Pamela’s footage online.


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