Congratulations to Robert Bentley!

June 11, 2011

As well as the legislature of the state of Alabama, for enacting what is now being called the “toughest” immigration enforcement law in the country. The Federation for American Immigration Reform has a fantastic summary of HB 56 on their website which I highly recommend reading. Of course, the usual suspects have denounced Alabama’s lawmakers for daring to target illegal aliens, which to the open borders lobby serves as both a protected class and a political cudgel in its drive to irrevocably reshape American culture.  

The fact that Alabama and Georgia have now joined Arizona in standing up for American citizens is a sign that the concerted effort by the treason lobby to delegitimize the efforts of Kris Kobach and Jan Brewer-and to intimidate American voters-has failed. Despite the repeated invocation of lawsuits, boycotts, and an array of measures intended to bully states and localities that pursue immigration enforcement measures, the voters and their elected representatives have not been cowed.

That’s why the passage of HB 56 marks such a pivotal moment in this country’s immigration debate. It signifies a growing resistence to the demands of open borders lobbyists, who have dominated the debate up to this point. It also demonstrates that concerns over border security and immigration enforcement transcend the political climate of the Southwest, which has been on the front lines of this battle for many, many years. Hopefully, the courageous actions of Alabama legislators and Governor Robert Bentley will serve as inspiration for other states going forward.

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