New York’s Get Out Of Jail Free Card

May 22, 2011

I have some incredibly disturbing news to report to you today that entails gutting an effective program involving the collaboration of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the New York Department of Corrections. As many of you might know, one of the best means of apprehending and deporting criminal aliens is consistent cooperation between federal immigration authorities and local law enforcement agencies.

The programs that exist to effectuate this end, Secure Communities and the much more robust 287(g), have been the single best tool in our arsenal capable of frustrating the intentions of criminal aliens who repeatedly flout our country’s criminal statutes and exploit the generally lax enforcement of immigration law. They have prevented repeat offenders from foreign countries from further victimizing innocent American citizens, and have served as a deterrent to illegal aliens who might be planning on perpetrating crimes in the future.

The fact that New York State’s Department of Corrections has buckled in the face of threats by immigration lawyers and “civil rights advocates,” which in this case means open borders lobbyists such as the ACLU and would more accurately be described as members of the Treason Lobby, is yet more evidence that those in power do not take this threat seriously. Or at least, do not take it as seriously as the threat of potential lawsuits by petty drug offenders. Now, even though ICE has a liason working inside of Riker’s specifically to identify criminal, illegal aliens who are eligible for deportation, it will only be allowed to track those inmates who agree beforehand to be interviewed, which according to the NY Post article amounts to less than thirty percent of those aliens currently serving jail-time.

There are a number of aspects to this story that are exasperating to those of us who have followed the horrible sanctuary city policy instituted by former Mayor Ed Koch and reaffirmed by his successors in office, but I think the most troubling aspect is the fact that it allows criminals to determine whether or not they’re going to cooperate with this country’s law enforcement agencies. People who have willfully violated this nation’s laws, and whose first acts in this country were laced with deception, are essentially being placed on the honor system. I can’t think of a more bizarre state of affairs; it relies upon people whose chief means of survival in the United States is perpetual fraud and deception to be truthful and forthcoming with the federal immigration agency that seeks their removal from this country.

This change also confirms what most of us knew to be true from the inception of the phony debate surrounding measures like Secure Communities. Namely, that the opponents of law enforcement against criminal aliens do not want anyone to be deported from this country, even if the persons being targeted are criminals with an extensive violent history, up to and including assault, rape, and attempted homicide. The canard that ICE or state lawmakers are targeting “nonviolent” offenders whose only crime is being in this country illegally-which, incidentally, is a crime-should not hold any water after the decision made by the New York Corrections Department, which effectively amounts to a de facto amnesty for criminal aliens. The fact that the treason lobby has applauded a decision that will make our streets less safe, and endanger the lives of ordinary New Yorkers-among other American citizens-merely serves to illustrate their deeply skewed, rigidly anti-American priorities.

One final note: the difficulties we face in deporting criminal aliens who’ve overstayed their welcome in this country predate the current political climate. In order to get an idea of the scale of the problem, I highly recommend you check out The Deporter, a fantastic, yet horrifying, nonfiction work by someone who worked as a deportation agent in New Orleans during the first decade of this century. It will give you an inkling of how dangerous the criminal aliens we’re releasing into the general public are, and should serve as a reminder of how grave the threat posed by these lawbreakers is; the people we’re setting loose are not “hard-working” immigrants. In fact, they’re not immigrants at all, they’re violent, criminal aliens who should be treated as such. This is a mistake whose consequences we’ll have to live with for some time to come, although I doubt the fools who precipitated this decision will recognize the harm they’ve inflicted upon the American populace.

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