Roll Tide

April 26, 2011

We learned recently, courtesy of The Stein Report, that Alabama has finally adopted the Secure Communities initiative. Despite coming very, very late to the game,  this development is welcome news.

Although not as stringent or effective as 287 (g), Secure Communities is still an improvement upon the de facto sanctuary given to criminal aliens throughout much of the country. It keeps our streets safe for law-abiding American citizens, and exerts pressure upon those illegal aliens currently living here to reconsider their poor decisions.

The specious argument that enforcing immigration law will deter illegal aliens who are the victims of crime from cooperating with law enforcement agencies is preposterous on its face. Secure Communities is designed specifically to identify, apprehend, and eventually deport those illegal aliens who are career criminals. Imagine the absurdity of arguing that an anti-racketeering task force will simply allow racketeering to proliferate and you’ll have arrived at the patently absurd conclusions of the amnesty lobby. And while some public officials are more than happy to countenance law-breaking, the good news is that they are increasingly in the minority, and that their stance does not represent the views of the vast majority of the American public.

So kudos to Alabama for finally coming around! Better late than never.


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