Changing Tides

March 1, 2011

For someone who up until relatively recently had a rather anemic record in support of immigration enforcement, Orrin Hatch has proven himself to be a reliable voice in the United States for more robust immigration controls. Now, whether this newfound hawkishness on immigration is an outgrowth of political expediency-and a strong desire to deflect a potential challenge from impressive Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz-or a genuine epiphany is a question that can’t be answered.

However, the Center for Immigration Studies has an informative update on Senator Hatch’s proposal to abolish the disastrous Visa Diversity Lottery, whose many deficiencies were chronicled in an earlier backgrounder by Janice Kephart. Whether or not Senator Hatch’s bill achieves success-which is unlikely in a Senate controlled by Majority Leader Harry Reid-the mere fact that it is being discussed is an achievement of sorts. 

Senator Hatch might not have been with us in the past, but the fact is his proposal is desperately needed, especially at a time of increased attempts at apocalyptic terrorism by Islamic terror organizations such as Al Qaeda and Lashkar e-Taiba. Our friends across the Atlantic have already learned the lesson of what happens when open borders meets multicultural appeasement. Diversity is laudable, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of America’s security.

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