Recall Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

January 22, 2011

Although best known for his sensational allegations in the wake of the tragic Tucson massacre, exemplified by this train wreck of an interview conducted by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, a less well known aspect of Sheriff Dupnik’s profile is his unstinting support for illegal aliens living within the state of Arizona. He was a prominent, outspoken opponent of the landmark legislation signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, SB 1070, and has demonized pro-enforcement, anti-illegal members of the Tea Party during his media blitz in the wake of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting. 

Now there’s a chance for concerned Arizonans to fight back against Sheriff Dupnik’s misguided crusade on behalf of illegal aliens. Civic-minded, anti-illegal immigration activists from Utah have set up a fantastic website which allows political opponents of Sheriff Dupnik to join the nascent recall effort that has been launched in Pima County. If you are a Pima County resident and want to join the effort, sign up at their new website. Hopefully, he’ll be recalled from office and collecting an unemployment check before you can say “overheated rhetoric.”

Hat tip to phenomenal blogger Warner Todd Huston for bringing this incipient political campaign to my attention.

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