Post-Election Analysis

November 3, 2010

I’ll keep it brief-delving a bit deeper as the complete results from yesterday’s races shake out-but here are some initial thoughts on what transpired on Election Day.

1. Overall, I think our side won a commanding victory. In addition to unseating Speaker Nancy Pelosi-one of the prime movers behind amnesty-many members of the incoming class have stellar views regarding border security and immigration matters, including a candidate I profiled two days ago, Congressman-Elect Michael Grimm.

2. The news is brighter on a statewide level, as Governor-Elect Susanna Martinez, already being derided for her tough on illegals views by liberal journalists, and Governor-Elect Nikki Haley, whose bold stance on this issue propelled her to victory, are taking the battle to the open borders lobby. Along with the stunning thumping Arizona Governor Jan Brewer gave to anti-SB 1070 Attorney General Terry Goddard, and the overwhelming victory of SB 1070 author Kris Kobach in the Kansas SOS race, many lower profile contests were also won by immigration heroes, including my friend, a former member of the Assembly, State Senator-Elect Gregory Ball. Although there are too many races to examine each in minute detail, rest assured, yesterday marked an historic achievement for Americans looking to enact a more sensible, modest immigration policy.

3. It would be disingenuous to ignore the defeats we suffered tuesday night, some of which were staggering in their magnitude. Senate Majority Leader Reid, who has promised to reintroduce some form of amnesty legislation during a lame duck session of Congress, was not only re-elected by Nevada voters, but will in all likelihood retain his post as leader of the United States Senate. The debacle that was Colorado’s gubernatorial race, which I’ve chronicled since this site’s inception,┬áhas resulted in the election of former Denver Mayor and open borders apologist John Hickenlooper and the defeat of courageous immigration reformer Tom Tancredo. Perhaps worse than the defeat itself is the political objective Tancredo’s loss will be put towards, i.e. discrediting anyone who defies the elite consensus on immigration. Another big loss came in the form of Senator Barbara Boxer’s re-election in the state of California, a state which looks increasingly like a lost cause.

That being said, I still think there are many reasons to be cheerful about the results of yesterday’s election and many more reasons to be optimistic about the future of this country.

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