Patriots March Against Sharia

June 18, 2017

On June 10, 2017, starting at 10 AM, American patriots gathered in Foley Square to “March Against Sharia”.

We stand for human rights.  Please join us to speak out against the atrocities committed under Sharia –Islamic penal law.  We stand against oppression of women and gays, honor crimes against women, female genital mutilations, child marriages, and Sharia courts in the U.S.  Most of all, we stand united for our freedom of assembly, our freedom of speech, and our love of this great nation.

I have no idea why, but there was no march — just the anti-Sharia rally (and counter-protests) in situ.

The only marching done this day was by the pro-sharia noise-makers.

They arrived early: the muslim jurists, marxists, fascists, anti-fascists, socialists, and (pro-state)-anarchists.  They were all standing in front of the court house: armed with noise makers, pots and pans, bicycle horns, and air horns.

They came prepared to continue their war on free speech.

But the patriots were not shy when it came to giving it right back at them.

They were prepared to continue defending the Constitution.

Pax Hart, a writer and political commentator, was the host of the rally.

Madison Rising sang a fabulous version of our National Anthem.

After the rally, Laura Loomer burqa’d the Wall Street Fearless girl!

The patriots were in top form as you can see in the Flickr Slide show.

They did not suffer the anarchists in silence.


The pro-sharia coalition of demonstrators failed to drown out the speakers.  If you stood at the staging area, you could hear the speakers just fine.


Something odd seems to have sprouted on our side: Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys, the next generation of young Americans whose brass is fighting back and challenging the leftists.  No problem for me there, but why do the Proud Boys wave that FAKE green flag of Kekistan. WHAT is the point?

Kekistan is a fictional country.

In picture after picture, what does it mean? Waving a FAKE flag that some feel is a NAZI flag. Neo-Facists. White Supremacists.  Shouldn’t there be a purpose to their madness?

And they also  briefly waved the WW1 flag of Germany as well. Why?

Later I saw what appears to be a Proud Boys poster next to their anti-Communist Action flag.

Then the poster disappeared, but re-appeared in the hands of a Proud Boy. Is this kind of mockery good for our cause?

Perhaps these provocative actions and posters and flags are the mistakes of youth, but what is middle-aged Gavin’s excuse?  Is Gavin just a SHOCK JOCK, a wanna-be comedian whose shiz is weak ? Listening to his un-amusing speech does not make me a fan.  McInnes is pictured below (with goatee), watching from the side of the stage at a May 25th protest.

Pamela Geller and Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at both the May 25th and June 10th protests.

They were hounded by the same pro-sharia anarchists, armed with noise-makers, whistles, and obnoxious chants. But the crowds of patriots at the AFDI protest hung in there, in spite of the noise, demanding that we all Say NO to Sharia Law.

The TRUTH rang out – both days – not noise.

No marxist, fascist, anarchist, or antifa will ever succeed in shutting down our free speech. They keep trying, but we will not be silenced.

The defense of liberty against leftist extremism continues!

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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