The Daily Rattle (Big Apple Edition)

May 3, 2017


There are a lot of interesting stories making their way into the headlines of local-for those of us living in New York City-news. Critically, a dispute has emerged between Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council Speaker Viverito, who wants to continue to provide violent, criminal aliens with publicly-funded attorneys. This is the plan originally supported by De Blasio before the absurdity of this position was highlighted by current mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis. This division once again demonstrates the lengths open borders advocates will go to defend illegal immigration, regardless of the human cost.

Ms. Viverito isn’t the only member of the New York City Council to stand by a seemingly untenable position. As The Daily Beacon points out, Jumaane¬†Williams has accused critics of sharia devotee and Internet tough guy Linda Sarsour of being members of the alt right. In other words, supporting gender equality, opposing Islamic terrorism, and being an advocate for Western values makes you a white supremacist. Who knew?!

An actual bigot might have been arrested in Manhattan, where a man who allegedly attacked an Asian man has been charged with third-degree assault.

In odd news, a Staten Island man has been hospitalized after being bitten by a poisonous East African gaboon viper. After being bitten, the individual proceeded to cut his pet’s head off. As someone who once had the much more prosaic-and less lethal-garter snake, I can attest to the difficulty of caring for these reptiles. My advice to those who are tempted to own an illegal, potentially deadly snake is…don’t.


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