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February 12, 2017


Update: A felony conviction rate of over 70 percent

The hysterical reaction among open borders fanatics to this weekend’s ICE raids merely serves to illustrate how the President’s opposition continues to not take him seriously. Despite the repeated comparisons to every tinhorn dictator, strongman and despot the world over, from Vladimir Putin to, naturally, Adolf Hitler, the people who despise Donald Trump have no faith in his ability to actually follow through on his promises. Foremost among them, the enforcement and application of federal immigration law.

These raids, which are being denounced by the usual suspects, targeted a range of individuals who should never have been allowed into this country.

About 150 of the suspects have criminal histories, including felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, according to an ICE statement. There were 10 people with no criminal history but five had orders of removal or had been previously deported.

In other words, almost every single one of the people detained was a criminal alien or alien absconder. The fact that vast swathes of the American political class is vehemently opposed to enforcing the law should give you an idea of why these types of operations-although a limited step-are absolutely necessary. One can only hope that Senator De Leon’s relatives are paying close attention to the news.

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