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January 6, 2017

Redlight Traffics Inaugural Dignity Gala Author: Neon Tommy

Update: Denied bail. 

Contents of the bond proffer, which describes the barbaric act these 4 creatures committed in detail. 

Media coverage of the prolonged anti-white brutalization of a mentally challenged boy has been despicable. From the politically correct know-nothingism of Shephard Smith, to the antiseptic-and confusing-reports from the Associated Press, to the anti-Trump non sequiturs bankrolled by Latin American Marxists, to the repugnant coverage of CNN, there has been blanket denialism from the left. The same press organs which trumpeted “news” of hate crimes which to the last turned out to be complete and utter hoaxes have decided that four sadistic barbarians kidnapping, humiliating and torturing a handicapped young man because he is white-over the course of 2 days-is a big nothing burger. Just like the torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were ignored by the national media because it did not dovetail with their specious racial narratives, this horrific crime is being downplayed and misrepresented by those who specialize in untruths.

Sadly, we can expect more of these “incidents” to occur in the years ahead, even as blatant lies about rising Islamophobia and Trump-inspired attacks upon racial minorities are treated as gospel. As Mark Steyn pointed out on today’s Rush Limbaugh Show, this toxic climate has been produced by decades of antipathy driven by the media, academe, and Hollywood, which has only been ramped up in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as President. I actually agree with Don Lemon’s widely condemned comment that these sociopaths had bad home training. However, the problem is that their home training-or non-training, as the case may be-is the direct result of a terrible philosophy propagated by people like Don Lemon.

The multigenerational poverty, crime, poor education outcomes, and family dysfunction is inextricably linked to the progressive shibboleths that have governed this nation’s inner cities for over half a century. The meta-narrative that these problems spring from institutional white racism has only compounded the misery endured by millions of black Americans living in urban dead zones, as well as that experienced by the occasional white victim of this intellectually suffocating mentality. The sneering dismissal which greeted Donald Trump’s pitch to African-American voters in every liberal newsroom illustrates how detached our ruling class is from reality as its lived by millions of Americans. Merely repeating a self-evident truth which doesn’t comport with their politically correct vision of the world was enough to mark him as a buffoon, notwithstanding the fact that liberal think tanks and socialist magazines invest tremendous resources into demonstrating how blacks are disproportionately the victims of ‘gun violence.’

The hypocrisy is stunning, and it needs to be pointed out whenever it rears its head, even if it means some judicious cyber-trolling. Even though the phrase hate crime is a wholly artificial construct-subject to manipulation and distortion by those with a vested interest in demonizing certain segments of the population-we need highlight the fruits of hatred which the ruling class and its weaponized cultural movements, such as Black Lives Matter, is harvesting. This was not the first, nor will it be the last, example of the media denying reality. Do not let them get away with it. Your life and the lives of others may depend upon it.





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