Thanks, Merkel

December 23, 2016


When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. 

Do not press a desperate foe too hard.

-Sun Tzu

Those barriers are designed to prevent a repeat of the massacre that occurred this week at a Christmas market in Berlin. Thankfully, the perpetrator behind that particular atrocity has been put down by a brave Italian police officer. Unfortunately, thanks to Chancellor Merkel, there are now thousands of lovely creatures from the Maghreb who would like to repeat this event throughout Europe. As Tommy Robinson has pointed out, short of a nuclear or radiological device, open borders are the most powerful weapon we can hand to our jihadist foes. In that sense, Angela Merkel and the rulers of Europe are all accomplices to mass murder.

What’s more, they are making it impossible for Europeans without a death wish to preserve their lives in a non-violent manner. Not only must they be sacrificed to the Cult of Diversity, but they must recite its incantations, otherwise they risk being thrown into a dungeon for engaging in wrong think. There is increasingly little to distinguish the legal and societal norms of third world Islamic backwaters and Western capitals, which is why the people in prison are not those who march through the streets of London braying for the imposition of a caliphate, but those who question the ability of foreign Muslims to successfully comport themselves with Western civilization. It’s why we need to invert reality and pretend that the problem isn’t the population replacement taking place in Europe, but the xenophobic right wingers who represent the true threat to European harmony.

The truth is that the extreme right is not extreme at all, but a necessary corrective to the post-war consensus which is based on unreality. The extreme right  would not exist if the sensible mandarins who controlled Europe for the past 6 decades had not made such a hash of things. They’ve not only ruined the nations they’ve inherited, accomplishing something Adolf Hitler himself could not achieve, but are now in the process of stamping out any criticism-however muted-of their ethno-masochistic, suicidal immigration policies. Instead of building walls, deporting those who should have never been invited to settle in Europe to begin with, and acknowledging that multiculturalism and Muslim repopulation of Europe has been a catastrophic mistake, European leaders are busy finding ways to suppress healthy, constructive dissent.

Like Pat Buchanan, I believe that Europeans will fight back eventually. The tragedy is that the not-so benevolent despots who rule over them have ensured that this battle will be bloodier and more protracted than anything they could have ever imagined. They’ve  made what could have been a peaceful repatriation of foreign settlers-or invaders, if you prefer that term-almost impossible, and caused their societies to be torn asunder in order to add ballast to a profoundly stupid, destructive ideology. One which was bound to fail, and will leave millions of victims in its wake.



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