Ahmad Khan Rahami (Captured)

September 19, 2016


Update: Mr. Rahami was a busy jihadi, it turns out. 

Rahami charged

It turns out that CNN is good for something after all. 

Surrender and think of diversity. 

The man who shot the now deceased jihadist in Minnesota was a competitive shooter. Perhaps, contra Maddow, guns aren’t the main culprit in Islamic terrorism? As an aside, in the past 3 years 9 Somali-Americans have been convicted of trying to join ISIS

Free radicals

Footage of the shootout in Linden before Rahami’s apprehension by police. 

The war on noticing proceeds apace. Lionel has the perfect solution

Ahmad Khan is now in custody, according to CNN

CAIR has its priorities in order. 

You can’t make this up

More Ahmad Khans on the way thanks to the clever folks in the federal government. 

Thieves cracked the Chelsea bombing case. 

Hillary’s boffo refugee resettlement plan

The woman who gave us Libya-and all its bitter fruits-explains why Donald Trump is the real terrorist. After all, there are literally millions of Muslims who aren’t trying to blow you up at the moment. 

 You can’t make this up

Governor Cuomo has deployed the National Guard

A suspect in the terror plots in New Jersey, as well as the Chelsea bombing, has been identified. Authorities are now seeking the whereabouts of Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized alien from Afghanistan. It would appear that this is the work of  a terror cell, not the ubiquitous lone wolf of so many prior jihadi assaults. After decades of thoughtless third world immigration, New Jersey finds itself with an entrenched Islam problem, as Chris Christie’s short-lived presidential campaign illustrated. The idea that this threat was erased with the conviction of the Blind Sheik is foolhardy, as this weekend’s attacks demonstrate.

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  1. curso viver melhor agora 2.0 on February 5, 2018 at 2:56 PM

    This is always a constant threat to American citizens. I wish I could stop them for good.

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