The Red Death

June 7, 2016

The "Goddess of Democracy" Statue in Washington DC, also known as the "Victims of Communism Memorial" by Thomas Marsh, based on the Tianamen Square "Goddess of Democracy" that was brutally destroyed by the PRC government.

Even as the collectivist enterprise in Venezuela implodes, spreading misery, resentment, and hopelessness among the 30 million people suffering under Chavismo-whose tales of woe are easily accessible-there are those who refuse to acknowledge the destruction their ideas have caused. The allure of Marxism, in spite of its astronomical body count, to publicĀ intellectuals and elite opinion-makers cannot be underestimated, in spite of its dismal track record.

That’s why organizations like the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation are absolutely necessary, even in our post-Cold War world. This week, the foundation will hold a commemoration of the dedication of its memorial to the millions of martyrs sacrificed on the alter of Communism over the past century. I would urge all of my readers who live in the Washington D.C. Area to attend. You can register for the event here. We must never forget the crimes of this heinous, inhuman ideology, both past and present.

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