Genuine Debate

February 7, 2016

All too often the choices offered to the American public come down to differences of packaging. Would you rather vote for the interventionist, open borders, chubby white guy, or the interventionist, open borders, svelte Hispanic male? The media’s relentless denial of the facts and refusal to acknowledge alternative points of view only entrenches the failed policies that millions of Americans live with on a daily basis.

That’s why the question posed above-by one of the many victims of illegal alien crime-needs to be heard. You can listen to some of the other questions-none of which were broached during last night’s Republican presidential debate, it should be noted-by going to the website of the Center for Immigration Studies. It will give you a taste of what a debate might look like if we had media willing to be honest interrogators, instead of megaphones for their own preferred policy choices.





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