The Veil Slips (Anti-Fascist Fascism)

January 10, 2016

A PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden from Georgplatz Author: Kalispera Dell

It’s difficult to articulate the precise feeling I have after viewing the international media’s coverage of the anti-rape, anti-jihadist demonstrations which took place in Germany this weekend. Rage, disgust, alienation, and disbelief all fail to capture the degree of revulsion I felt watching the BBC, CNN and other purveyors of disinformation cover the brave PEGIDA protestors. The institutional coverup of the Cologne depredations-which were replicated throughout Europe-now seem less a case of bureaucratic face-saving than one more salvo in the ongoing war against Europeans and Europe.

Look no further than this headline, which makes it clear what most preoccupies German authorities at this moment. Not  the scores of foreign, Islamic invaders looking to rape-both literally and figuratively-their way through the continent, but the courageous few German citizens who are willing to stand up to truncheons and water cannons, to the assault of Marxist fanatics, and the universal defamation of the political and journalistic nomenklatura, in order to preserve their besieged culture. Now even those who willingly perform the roles normally assigned to the police in a functional society-defending the lives and safety of women now being terrorized-are the target of state persecution.

The people of Europe are paying-in blood and treasure-to indulge the warped fantasies of their rulers, and there’s no telling how high the cost will be.






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