Swedish Hospitality

January 29, 2016

 Katarina Church and the minaret of the Stockholm Mosque. August 5, 2010

Aside from Germany, there is no nation in Europe which has had to cope with a larger share of refugees than Sweden. Apparently, the socialist government-whose popularity has hit a record low due to its inept handling of this crisis-has finally decided to admit that this constitutes a serious problem. To that end, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman has proposed deporting up to 80,000 refugees who have arrived within the past year but whose applications for asylum have been rejected.

Whether or not these slightly more punitive measures are modeled after the approach taken by its former nemesis Denmark is an open question. However, what can’t be disputed is that the politically imposed silence on this subject in that country is gradually eroding. Swedes are beginning to recognize that turning their county into a hostel for those who’ve fled collapsed, third world states was a terrible idea with far-reaching (negative) consequences, and that the only way to avoid becoming a failed state itself is for Sweden to close the curtain on this failed experiment.

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