Collusion (The Role Of Congress In Promoting Amnesty)

June 8, 2014

The most frustrating aspect of our government’s current disastrous immigration policy is not the lawless actions of the Obama administration in pursuit of its agenda of open borders, but the connivance of an ostensibly Republican House in its flagrant subversion of the law. Andy Ramirez, founder and president of the  Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council and expert on border security and immigration enforcement, delineates the ways in which this complicity has hurt Americans in a comprehensive essay published last week, which I encourage you all to read. 

The pervasive flouting of the law by the Executive branch could never have taken place if our Congress had not relinquished its duty to check the illegal actions of Barack Obama and his administration, much less openly and proudly scheme for ways in which to cement our government’s open borders policy through legislative action. Mr. Ramirez shows just how deleterious this failure on the part of Congress has been to the lives of innocent American citizens and their families.

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