Criminal Negligence

April 9, 2014


Most of you are well aware of the fact that this administration, despite its repeated attempts to airbrush its blemishes, has an absolutely atrocious record of immigration enforcement. However, a recent report documents just how negligent the federal government has been in ensuring the safety of American citizens. Nearly 70,000 criminal aliens have been released into the general population of the United States in the last year alone, according to an internal document from the Department of Homeland Security! 

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has failed to report on yet another milestone in this White House’s campaign to completely dismantle the safeguards which protect the American public from crime, disease, and terrorism, among other gifts brought to us out of love. Thankfully, Senator Sessions is here to remind us of Barack Obama’s willingness prioritize his open borders ideology over the security of his fellow Americans. 

You can read the full report here. Thanks once again to FAIR and the gentleman from Alabama for highlighting the continued disregard this administration has for federal law and the American people. At least some people are paying attention. 






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