Speaking Up

April 25, 2013

Most of you are probably aware of Gregory Buckley Sr.’s story, which reveals the negligence, ill intent, ideological blindness and contempt for any sort of oversight that has marked this administration’s foreign policy in countries like Afghanistan. It cost Mr. Buckley the life of his son, Gregory Buckley Jr., as well as the lives of two of his fellow Marines, who were murdered by a jihadist that was immediately released by his Afghan superior. The speech by Mr. Buckley is worth listening to in its entirety, because it illustrates the consequences of submitting to an unaccountable presidency and its ideologically blinkered policy prescriptions.

The Silent Majority No More has more videos from the event at Chabad House, the focal point of which was a speech by Pamela Geller that had initially been squelched by a group of Islamists and their leftist apologists, including Habeeb Ahmed of the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights. They’re also worth viewing, if only to see what freedom looks like, and why it is so vital that we defend it at every turn. It can happen here.


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