Helping Hands

November 2, 2012

One of the worst parts of Hurricane Sandy is watching your friends suffer. Those who don’t live as far inland are really hurting. For those of you that can pitch in financially, I urge you to do so. Here are some locals who need help.

Donations needed for Staten Island

Kathleen Sarnes c/o Mollie Ryan’s Publick House 2574 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island 10309

toiletries, clothes, food, building supplies, heaters, blankets…even gift cards to home depot, target,waldbaums pathmark, lowes, or $ anything that you can do will help. Red cross is too corrupt. We’re helping on a personal level. Please do not write anything re: Sandy on the outside because of theft issues. Please include your name and address to be thanked.
You can send contributions through Paypal at 

Sinclair News has a letter from Staten Island describing some of the devastation this borough is trying to recover from. The Oakwood Beach Rescue Fund is one way for you to help these people out directly.

Hat tip: Tracy Diaz.


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  1. Tracy Diaz on November 4, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    Thanks so much for all you do :)

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