Shadow Catcher

May 31, 2012


National Public Radio is, almost without exception, a black hole when it comes to obtaining accurate, reliable information and analysis about immigration. Half of the on-air talent could be executed by members of MS-13, and the following day’s headline on NPR would probably be “Aggrieved Undocumented Migrants Exact Misdirected Revenge Against Jan Brewer.” That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by Brian Lehrer’s interview of Hipolito Acosta, a veteran of the INS who has written Shadow Catcher, a revelatory look into the audacious cross-border operations initiated ┬áduring his tenure to eliminate human smuggling into the United States.

I’d love to hear the impressions of anyone who has read the book, which-based upon everything I’ve heard-seems like an incredibly fascinating chronicle of the life of a career law enforcement officer intent upon ensuring our nation’s border security.


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