Obstruction of Congress

February 11, 2012

The political fallout from Fast and Furious continues to grow, even as Eric Holder relentlessly adheres to a policy of stonewalling, obstruction, evasion, and lies, both in the media and during congressional testimony. The video below demonstrates not only Attorney General Holder’s notoriously spotty memory, but also his remarkable ability to deflect attention from his own potential criminal liability to something more politically palatable. In this case, curtailing the Constitutional rights¬†of ordinary American citizens. Before watching Holder’s testimony before the committee of Rep. Sandy Adams it should be noted that CALEA-referred to several times throughout this brief excerpt-is the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, a federal wiretapping law that enhances the surveillance capabilities of federal law enforcement agencies such as the DEA, ATF, and FBI.

Kudos to the Hon. Sandy Adams for holding Eric Holder’s feet to the fire, and reminding him that for some Americans the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was not merely a tragedy, but the result of premeditated actions taken by this administration in order to perpetuate its comprehensive¬†attack upon our 2nd Amendment rights. Let’s hope that the boldness of Rep. Adams, and not the pusillanimity of Speaker Boehner, carries the day.

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