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January 10, 2012

Update: The live-tweet of Don Barnett’s speech at the Penn Club of New York is now available online. You can read it in its entirety by going to my Twitter account, Odd Lane. You can find more of Mr. Barnett’s incomparable research into our dysfunctional, destructive refugee resettlement program at the Center for Immigration Studies website. 


Today is the first official Republican Party primary of 2012, and although the consequences of this presidential election are great this site has not spent much time discussing the debates that took place in the 48 hours prior to the New Hampshire primary. Why, you might ask? Because the candidates, and the moderators, a.k.a. the MSM, have completely ignored the single most important issue of the campaign. Yes, even as we lament the diminution of citizenship in the state of California, Operation Fast and Furious claims more victims, and courageous ICE employees rebel against the patently unconstitutional actions of this administration, the main contenders for the highest office in this land continue to ignore the pain and suffering of their potential electors. Kudos to Chris Crane for doing what our politicians will not. 

Rest assured, we will address these topics-and more-in the days ahead. However, later today I’ll be live-tweeting a fascinating immigration discussion sponsored by the invaluable Center for Immigration Studies. You can follow the symposium on my Twitter account, Odd Lane. Look for more politically-oriented, topical journalism on this site when I cover the Manhattan Libertarian Party’s convention in New York City later this month.




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