New York Libertarians Convene

January 21, 2012


Later today I’ll be heading out to the Manhattan Libertarian Party Convention. Throughout the day I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Twitter and bringing you news about a political party that just might have  a decisive impact upon the coming election. Will former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson be able to unify libertarians, even those who view him with some measure of skepticism? Will RJ Harris say that someone not named Ron Paul is best qualified to be President of the United States? Will Danny Panzella and Ron Moore disagree on general election strategies for libertarian voters?  Will the subject of immigration come up? Chances are, since I’ll be in attendance, it will. However, if you want answers to the rest of those questions you’ll just have to tune in to my no doubt riveting reportage and analysis of today’s event. 


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  1. Tatyana on January 21, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    Aw, Gerard!

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