Combat Lincoln Chafee’s Amnesty Plans

October 4, 2011

One of the most unfortunate results of last November’s elections was the elevation of open borders advocate, beneficiary of nepotism and all-around mediocrity Lincoln Chafee to the governership of Rhode Island. Unlike his predecessor in office, Donald Carcieri-whose exemplary efforts at cracking down on illegal aliens we’ve chronicled in the past-Chaffee has been nothing but a menace to ordinary American citizens in the Ocean State.

That’s why it pleases me greatly to inform you of an effort to challenge┬áthe horrible policies initiated by Chafee tomorrow afternoon. Here are the details those of you living in New England will need, courtesy of ALIPAC. Click on “read more” in order to find out how you can fight back.

We have learned just in the last 24 hours of an important event in Rhode Island. The Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln D. Chafee ((401) 222-2080, is pushing for licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens at a time when most others are running from the issue.

The globalists want Chafee to come out in the open like this to try and maintain the appearance that there is some legitimate support for replacing American kids in the limited seats in our colleges with illegal aliens. Only in very liberal leaning states like Maryland and Rhode Island can they advance this agenda at this time, and the brave folks in Maryland are about to reverse their in-state tuition law. More on that later.

Right now we need you doing two simple steps:

Step 1. If you are within a two hour drive of Providence, RI, we need you to adjust your schedule and drop whatever you were doing to converge on the event where patriots like us are standing up to a protest supported by the invaders. We are getting notice to you within 24 hours of receiving it ourselves, so please, no complaints about short notice.

Also, if you think whatever you had planned for tomorrow is more important, just imagine how busy running and hiding you will be if we fail and the next batch of 15 million illegal aliens come down on your life and world.

Please prioritize this event and move to support our side tomorrow. Six brave state lawmakers are taking a stand against Chafee’s traitorous support for the invasion and they need you there. Take an appropriate homemade sign or American flag if you have one. If you don’t, just go, and stand and be counted. The illegal aliens have been showing up at events, we Americans have not. Power goes to those that show up!

Here are the details in this article on the ALIPAC homepage…

Dueling immigration rallies planned Wednesday at RI State House.

Step 2: Regardless of where you are in America, please pick up the phone and call as many Rhode Island lawmakers as possible randomly. Follow-up your call with an email, fax, or letter. Do not skip the call and just rely on emails because if you take the lazy route our efforts are much less likely to succeed.

Sample Message: “I’m calling/writing to support the Rhode Island lawmakers who are demanding that Governor Lincoln Chafee cease and desist in his efforts to provide aid and assistance to illegal immigrant invaders. Recent national polls show that around 80% of all Americans oppose both licenses and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Please stand with the American public and with other Rhode Island lawmakers who are standing up for Americans against the traitors who are supporting the illegal immigrant invasion of America.”

Remember to create your own distinct message. Just copying our exact message is likely to get your voice screened out.

We need the phones ringing off the hook today and Wednesday in the RI legislature in support of our fellow patriots!

Rhode Island lawmaker contact info.

We need ALIPAC supporters from all states to focus on the Rhode Island battleground for the next 48 hours please.

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