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September 2, 2011

From our good friends at ALIPAC:

Friends of ALIPAC,

Many thanks to all of you that voted in the recent CBS poll online which now shows over 85% opposing Obama’s stealth Amnesty efforts for illegal aliens. Congress returns to work next week and thanks to your work, Obama is in for some real political trouble.

Today, we want you to take steps to assure that illegal immigration questions are raised at the GOP Presidential debate that will be held on September 22 in Orlando, Florida.

This debate is being conducted by Fox News and Google (owners of YouTube).

They are calling for your input online. Please consider taking the following simple steps online.

Step 1: Visit this link online and read the details….

Step 2: Watch the Video questions, and read through the MOST POPULAR and MOST RECENT questions and vote THUMBS UP for any good questions regarding illegal immigration. Please forgo voting for other issue questions you support as our goal is to assure illegal immigration questions (which are often suppressed and censored out) make it into the debate.

Below, you will see some examples of the written questions we want you to vote for.

Step 3: After you have voted for the good questions and videos about illegal immigration, consider adding your own question in text or by video. We are certain that many of our ALIPAC activists can come up with very good questions about illegal immigration and Amnesty to add.

Please cast your votes, add your questions, and pass this request along to a like-minded American citizen.

For a few minutes online, you could help shape the Presidential debates on September 22 if this process is legitimate. We will see.

EXAMPLES of questions to locate and vote for at

“Barack Obama decreed without Congressional approval that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens will receive a reprieve from deportation. Many members of Congress say this is a backdoor Amnesty. As President, will you rescind this order?”

“Illegal immigration costs our country billions of dollars a year in emergency room care and missed taxes, just to mention a few. What specifically would you do to stop illegal immigration and to deport the illegals that are already here.”

“I would like to know the position that each candidate has on the United Nation’s Agenda 21 (ICLEI, Reo+20) and its attempt to destroy the sovereign status of member states, including and specifically the United States of America.”

“The United States does not require proof of citizenship to enroll a child in a public school. As a result of this, school districts around the country are struggling to meet their financial needs. What would you do to remedy this problem?”

“What will you do to protect ALL of our borders–Mexican, Canadian, and both coasts?”

Thank you very much for your support and volunteerism in our fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty.


William Gheen and The ALIPAC  Team

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