No-Bama in 2012?

September 5, 2011
By Michel Evanchik

Is Barrack Hussein Obama the Democrats’ best candidate for the 2012 Presidential election?  One liberal voice, Matthew Stoller, has raised that question on  Core Democratic constituencies, especially labor unions, are increasingly disgusted with Obama’s hewing to the right in his attempt to woo independent voters.  While the notion of an internal party challenge to a sitting President seems outlandish, it may be just what the Democratic party needs if it has any hope for electoral success in 2012 and beyond.

Debate is a good thing for any republic, and it would be especially good for the Democratic party.  The past half century has seen the Democratic party shift from a party primarily of socially conservative working class people, to a bizarre hodge-podge of non-white economically challenged racial identity groups and ultra-liberal hyper-educated whites.  It’s a combination that has been a failure at the polls, and worse, a great failure in governance.

As Democrats consider whether to renominate a failing President, American Rattlesnake hopes they will consider another point: whether the Democratic party should continue to be the party of open borders and amnesty.  This questioning of past orthodoxy is not unreasonable.  Illegal immigrants in the work place drive down blue collar wages and working conditions.  Blue collar workers were once the heart and soul of the Democratic party.  Mitt Romney has shown that you can tell a hispanic audience that illegal immigration is wrong and not lose hispanic support.

As times change, so must political positions.  Voters have consistently supported vigourous enforcement of our immigration laws.  Voters understand that illegal aliens should be deported.  It’s time for the Democratic party to look to them and the country’s interests, and to take a stand against open borders and amnesty.

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One Response to No-Bama in 2012?

  1. David on September 6, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    The notion that most AMERICANS , generally speaking , support illegal immigration is a misconception no matter what color or race they are. Those who think they will disenfranchise voters by taking a no tolerance stance underestimate the patriotism of Americans and the pride they feel in their country. Americans on the whole do not want anyone who wants to for whatever reason just to be able to enter the country at will and do as they please.Most all polls evidence that 75 to 85% of Americans feel immigration laws should be enforced. The attempt to pander to non voters will in the end be the downfall of all who take this approach.

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