E Pluribus Unum?

June 10, 2011

Multiculturalism, the notion that all cultural norms and practices are equally valid, was popular in the latter half of the twentieth century. Rather than assimilating immigrants into the broader culture, Western nations, suffering from imperial guilt, allowed immigrant groups to form sclerotic pseudo-societies separate from the rest of the population.  In Europe, parallel societies have formed which are comprised of Islamic fundamentalists opposed to essential human rights for women.  In America, Hispanic immigrant communities have become opaque seas of petty lawlessness where the English language is unknown and where interracial comity is an illusion

In Europe, the tide is finally turning against this nonsense. Switzerland has outlawed new minarets.  The Netherlands now demands all new immigrants speak Dutch.  Germany’s Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, has flatly rejected multiculturalism as a failed experiment.  In France, the burqa has been banned on the proposition that a woman cannot be seen as an equal in a society where she cannot even show her face.

From female genital mutilation, to honour killings, to a thriving kidnapping industry, to the worship of “Saint Death”, there’s a long list of foreign nastiness that civilized people, even those that recognize the benefits of some immigration, must separate themselves from and reject.

It is time for America and Europe to recognize once again the inherent superiority of the liberal democratic world we have created, and to demand that those who wish to live among us adopt our language and customs, especially those customs that uphold the basic tenets of Western civilization and human progress. If we’re not careful, we might soon find ourselves in the situation depicted in the cartoon above: many peoples residing in one nation with no common cultural or linguistic currency. For our sake, I hope that does not come to pass.

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