Turning Up The Heat (Operation Gunrunner Goes Rogue)

April 28, 2011

You’ll rarely find praise for the mainstream media, a hindrance to even modest immigration enforcement and reasonable immigration laws under the best of circumstances, on this website, but I have to commend CBS News for its continuing, exemplary coverage of the Gunwalker fiasco.

Yesterday’s story, which you can find on their website, is no exception. Sharyl Attkisson does  a fantastic job examining the increasing pressure Congress is exerting upon a White House that is determined to obstruct its investigation into the BATF’s lethal boondoggle, Operation “Fast and Furious, ” at any cost.

I would pay particular attention to the role played by Lanny Breuer, the man who currently serves as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, but who is best known for his role as counsel to Bill Clinton during the former president’s impeachment proceedings. Although the extent of his role, if any, in this dubious debacle has not been fully revealed, the allegations are deeply troubling. To think that a courageous officer of the law might have been murdered due to the criminal negligence and malfeasance of the most senior officials in the Obama administration, is something too shocking to even contemplate.

That’s why Senator Grassley’s investigation, as well the efforts of the other congressmen and congressional staffers involved in  unraveling the threads of Operation Gunrunner-and how it might be implicated in the deaths of American law enforcement officials-requires the support of the American public. The work of CBS News is admirable, but there needs to be even more news coverage of possible obstruction of justice issues on the part of the Obama Justice Department, as well as inquiries into why this misguided program was continued by the administration and expanded into areas that I’m not certain even the BATF had envisioned.

Our brave Border Patrol and ICE agents are coming under attack on an ever greater scale, and thousands of Mexicans have been cut down by gun-wielding drug traffickers. If any of these people’s lives were endangered by the actions of the federal government, we have a right to know why.

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