NY ICE Press Conference Opposing S. 744 (Remember 1986)

May 25, 2013



h/t: New York ICE

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One Response to NY ICE Press Conference Opposing S. 744 (Remember 1986)

  1. Garrison on May 25, 2013 at 6:44 PM

    To who it may Concern
    I very happy Gov jan sign the paper . & this man is rigth in what he said
    also about illegal immigrants. obama don’t care about the USA . No Citizen ship or amnesty yes this bill is bad for USA . they have our jobs first of all
    what about the one are In Our country Illegal. this is going back
    years’ they are not A USA citizen at all .
    they did not come in the right way. they come over for a visit & for get to go home .
    I say no green card . &no free bee
    I say obama has to go . why NYC & PA & all up state Is a mess
    close the border .
    well you know they lie well do some about
    ship them back
    yes this bill is bad
    they have our jobs NO DR Lic No green Card . Not welfare .

    well do some about this don’t say what you want do it


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