Rally for the Republic

September 28, 2012

There is a great ideological divide within this country, even if the two major party candidates don’t accurately reflect it. That’s why I’m pleased to report that our good friend David Webb, in collaboration with some free market allies, has launched a rally intended to strike back at the smiley-faced socialism and denigration of self-reliance and individual achievement which have become an inexorable part of our nation’s political discourse.

You can find out how to participate by accessing this link. Mr. Webb’s rationale for holding this rally is explained after the jump.

This is MY country … I built it

This rally is for several reasons.

Chiefly, we are tired of political correctness. We are tired of our primary industry, oil and gas, being maligned and lied about.

When President Barack Obama echoed Elizabeth Warren by saying “you didn’t build that” it touched a nerve.

Date: Saturday September 29th, 11am-1pm at the Commemorative Air Force Museum. Click for map and directions.


Ted Cruz   TX – US Senate Candidate

David Webb   SiriusXM Patriot Talk Show Host, Television Commentator

Peggy Venable   TX Director-Americans For Prosperity

Tim Macy   Gun Owners of America

In a season of political posturing, regular Americans in west Texas have decided that the greatness of America has been overlooked. The rally will remind attendees of what we all love about America and how there is hope for America’s future because of its great people and its commitment to Liberty.

Those of us living here do so because we’ve built this area. Not the government. We are yearning for the return of celebrating rugged individualism. We are yearning for a demonstration of pride in our country, patriotism, and a celebration of success. Our individual sacrifices and sweat over two centuries built this beacon of freedom to the world.

We believe in our constitution, and our Judeo-Christian values.

We are having a pro-America rally that embraces all of the above.

This is MY country… I built it, not a collection of behemoth government bureaucracies and programs. We will remind other Americans that it is great individuals that make a great America.

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