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Attention Californians! (Stop The California Dream Act)

The deadline for submitting petitions to put the repeal of AB 131 on the ballot is almost here. Download a copy of the AB 131 Referendum Petition and submit it if you want to see this issue decided by California voters. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has provided all the information necessary in order to complete...
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Volunteers Needed to Repeal AB 131!

Update: I’ve added more locations in San Diego where you can drop off and/or sign petitions in San Diego and Los Angeles counties tomorrow and Thursday. Hat Tip: JohnDoe2 of ALIPAC. In a state like California, the causes of patriotic immigration enforcement and protecting taxpayer wealth need all the help they can get. That’s why I’m imploring...
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Stop AB 131

Those of you who’ve been following the steady erosion of citizenship taking place in the formerly golden state are probably aware of the recently enacted California Dream Act, which grants in-state tuition to illegal aliens attending public universities. We at American Rattlesnake have attempted to expose the inequities of this law, which replicates many...
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