Stop AB 131

October 31, 2011

Those of you who’ve been following the steady erosion of citizenship taking place in the formerly golden state are probably aware of the recently enacted California Dream Act, which grants in-state tuition to illegal aliens attending public universities. We at American Rattlesnake have attempted to expose the inequities of this law, which replicates many of the deficiencies of the federal DREAM Act. 

Fortunately, California-like many Western states-has tools that citizens can use to rectify errors in the legislative process, and the man leading the charge to do so in this case is Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. In order to find out how you can help repeal this grossly unjust law, which penalizes American high school students, visit Assemblyman Donnelly’s website, Repeal AB 131. Hopefully, even those of you who do not live in California can contribute something meaningful to the effort.  


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