The War On Christmas (And Christians)

December 21, 2016

It seems like the Truck of Peace has struck yet again, adding to the nearly 21,000 lives extinguished by this most quiescent, moderate of religions. The ISIS-inspired murderer is on the loose, naturally, although the BBC will be relieved to know that the offending lorry has been taken into custody. As the Alternative for Democracy has stated, these dead can be laid at the feet of Angela Merkel, a woman responsible for more European deaths than the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Ayman al-Zawahiri combined.  She celebrates the cultural enrichment brought by migrants-presumably including the over 100,000 crimes they’ve committed-even as German police buckle under the relentless pressure of Arab-Muslim street gangs.

She has the gall to lament the impact this Muslim-committed atrocity might have on refugees, i.e. potential jihadists, even as Berlin is still soaked in the blood of those who’ve been killed by one of her wayward children. Yet this stupidity hasn’t prevented the same host of global opinion-makers from tut-tutting the potential blowback from the German public. It’s infuriating to those of us who’ve been watching the War on Christmas unfold across Europe and North America over the past 2 decades. We’re being asked to sacrifice our lives-and the lives of our children, grandchildren, sisters, and brothers-upon the alter of multiculturalism and our culture’s demented fealty to political correctness.

Merkel needs to pay the ultimate political price for her actions, which actually are treasonous, i.e. a profound betrayal of her country. She is her nation’s Cromwell-times a hundred-and is accomplishing something even Adolf Hitler couldn’t, i.e. the destruction of Germany. Forgive me if it seems like I’m invoking Godwin’s Law with that comparison, but there’s no more appropriate analogy at this point. We are dealing with a woman who is consciously leading her nation along the path of destruction and eagerly embracing the extermination of her people.

Merkel is finished. She must be, because if she is not, then Germany certainly is. There are limits to ethno-masochism, even in Europe. Merkelism is collective suicide, and it’s time that Germans stood up and said they’re not willing to forfeit their lives on behalf of wretched specimens like Angela Merkel.






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