Open Borders Ad Perpetuam

September 13, 2015


It’s funny how the most vociferous supporters of importing Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees to the West don’t seem to care that much about the official indifference of the extraordinarily wealthy Gulf Arab states. Which, to be blunt, have been less than helpful in alleviating the suffering of those streaming into Europe. Even the much-reviled Israelis-to say nothing of those despised Jews who are giving food and shelter to these outcasts-have discussed offering sanctuary to exiled Syrians.

Yet there didn’t seem to be any signs of outrage directed at their Sunni Muslim brethren at the no borders rally in Union Square this weekend. Then again, judging by the press release and assorted pictures our good friends at The Silent Majority No More compiled, there doesn’t seem to be much rational thought, let alone, philosophical consistency, put forward in defense of the current invasion of Europe from the Levant and Northern Africa. After all, why construct an argument on behalf of an indefensible position when you can rely upon carefully crafted fictions?




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