The Silent Majority

May 4, 2014

Update: Full coverage of May Day on The Silent Majority No More.

New York ICE was out in the streets for May Day, confronting the open borders demagogues and Marxist rabble during their annual trek to Union Square. You can see a complete set of photographs from the day’s events ┬áby viewing Nomad New York’s Flickr album. You can also read an account of the counter-demonstration from Joanna Marzullo herself on NY ICE’s website.

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One Response to The Silent Majority

  1. Wella J on May 4, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    If illegal alien workers were not here working for $5 per hour, American workers would not have to work for $5 per hour. This is the answer to the man’s question (the one in the video).

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