Make Them Listen Monday

October 28, 2013

It should come as no surprise that the lavishly-funded open borders lobby is renewing its push to enact wholesale amnesty. Minting millions of new Democratic voters is the President’s only hope of salvaging a second term whose chief accomplishment to date has been the complete unraveling of the President’s chief first term accomplishment.

However, just because invertebrate Republican politicians are cowering in fear of non-existent mobs of pro-amnesty voters doesn’t mean that you should abandon hope. There is still a robust counterattack taking place throughout America. Tomorrow is the first in a series of Make Them Listen Mondays, which are intended to remind Congress who they (ostensibly) work for. You can find all the necessary contact information for your members of Congress by accessing this link.

I urge all of you to exploit this opportunity before it’s too late.


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