Rapido y Furioso

October 1, 2012

Most of you are probably aware of Univision’s groundbreaking investigation of Fast and Furious, which aired last night. For those of you fluent in Espanol, you can watch the first part here. There’s also a Spanish-language interview of Univision’s two investigative reporters by Jorge Ramos, which focuses on the bloody history of Eric Holder’s anti-anti-gun trafficking initiative and includes a brief excerpt from an interview with the late Agent Jaime Zapata’s grieving parents.

You can read an English-language transcript of  a somewhat disjointed interview Gerardo Reyes conducted with Hugh Crumpler, an FBI informant currently behind bars, about Operation Castaway, which we’ve explored in the past. You can also listen to a brief sound file of Crumpler describing how he first involved himself with the ATF. Finally, you can read more details of the report and its potential consequences, in English, from Hot Air.



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