Who will speak for the voiceless?

November 6, 2011


Today is the National Day of Remembrance of Victims of Illegal Aliens which is an opportunity to spotlight the scores of lives that have been prematurely ended through the wanton disregard for this nation’s laws by our ostensible representatives. Sponsored by the FIRE Coalition, Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial, as well as dedicated public servants like Representative Steve King, this day serves not only as a commemoration of the precious lives that we’ve lost to open borders dogmatism, but also a call to arms for those of us who want to see an America where our sovereignty and the lives of our citizens are placed above the narrow interests of the political elite. 

New Yorkers will mark this solemn occasion by holding an event in Manhattan in front of the New York ICE field office and immigration court at 26 Federal Plaza. I urge all of those who want to maintain the integrity of this nation’s laws to join NY ICE members in demonstrating solidarity with those Americans who have been victimized by the callous attitude of government officials who refuse to enforce the law. Here is a video demonstrating just what we have lost through lax enforcement of our immigration laws. 


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